Lost Culture IET Adire tshirt


The Lost Culture IET Adire tshirt is the first to be released of the 5k collection.

I’m sure most of you are wondering what IET stands for. Well, mystery is good. IET stans for “IS EQUAL TO”. Yes, you read it right. You wouldn’t have guessed it right?

Elementary mathematics enlightened us to the theory of three parallel lines meaning equivalent/equal to. It was a recurring example/theory in the Pythagoras theorem exercise and I’m sure most people can attest that the equilateral triangle was their favorite equation, because it was seemingly the easiest.
So, we drew inspiration from the theory and decided to make a design that showcases the equality that we all share as a collective, and as human beings. Not being divided or segregated by culture, race, gender or skin color.

Right. So you’ll agree with us that the color combinations are beautiful right? Thank you, thank you. We decided to go with obvious colors that seemed more appropriate for each gender (but, hey, that’s not a problem, you can pick either one you want. Remember, the idea beside the design – is equality) and not only that, our choice of color has a meaning to it. Yup, we went the extra length to bring the colors to life.

Pink – this color for us, adds a playful, hot, attention-getting (everyone notices pink), sensual, stimulating and flirtatious look to your style.

Green – everyone associates green with growth, so for everyone who wants feels the need for a new beginning, we have the right color for you. Asides from the grace look of new beginning it brings, this color also speaks to us about, natural, healthy, balance, soothing, restful, restoration, environmental awareness and reassurance. If you don’t own enough green outfits, add the IET ADIRE TSHIRT to your wardrobe now.

Blue – and yes, the universally accepted color. Everyone likes blue. Don’t you? The sky is blue, the transparent water we are meant to be drinking looks like it’s blue, everyone likes people with blue eyes and ofcourse, blue rhymes with boo. Something for your boo *wink*. But, we went for blue as the balance color for each tshirt because it adds calming, tasteful, sophisticated, confident, serene, heavenly, dependable, transcendent and tranquil mood to your outfit.

So, if you’re trying to send a message to someone, but don’t have the right words, don’t worry. We have you sorted. Just buy one of the Lost Culture IET adire tshirt for somebody (or yourself) whichever comes first to you, and redirect the person to the page and let this read do all the talking for you.

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